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Who's Responsible for Pedestrian Accidents?

A 6-year-old boy from DeKalb County was critically injured when he was struck by a car as he was crossing the road with a guardian.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the intersection was across from a school and although there was a school crossing guard present, the child stepped into the street before the guard entered the intersection and was hit by a car.

When it comes to pedestrian accidents, who's responsible?

Ex-Falcons Cheerleader Gets $6.4 M for Bottle Attack

Former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, Shayla Stevens, was awarded $6.4 million in damages after being attacked by rapper Da Brat with a rum bottle in 2007.

Even though Da Brat has already served three years in prison for the attack, Stevens brought a civil lawsuit against the rapper for her injuries, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Stevens was awarded $3.7 million in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages, but is that amount excessive?

3 Common Truck Collisions and How to Sue

When involved in a truck accident, there may be more than one person you can sue for your injuries.

Most trucking accidents are covered under negligence laws and who you sue depends on the accident. Under negligence laws, the driver and trucking company have a duty to exercise reasonable care when on the road. If they fail to do so and end up injuring you, you may be able to sue.

Here are three common truck collisions and who you can sue.

Can I Sue If My Flight Was Canceled?

Winter storms hitting Atlanta have caused several airlines to cancel their flights leaving stranded passengers wondering if they can sue the airlines.

More than 2,000 flights have been canceled due to inclement weather, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

So can frustrated fliers who were stuck in Atlanta sue the airlines?

Snowed-In Atlantans Face Winter Injuries

Atlanta residents weren't walking in a winter wonderland this January as thousands of people were snowed in on the roads or in buildings after a winter storm.

Some people were stuck in their cars for as long as eight hours as accidents and slushy roads gridlocked traffic on the interstates, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Even many students and teachers were stuck overnight in schools due to the road conditions.

In a city that rarely sees a snowstorm of this magnitude, what can snowed-in Atlantans do to stay safe?

How to Sue Over a Fatal Traffic Accident

Lethal traffic and car accidents are tragic events. Recently, a fatal car accident in Clayton County left one person dead and three injured.

There are legal remedies available to family members of the deceased victims. This legal how-to will get you started on filing a lethal traffic accident lawsuit.

Who's Liable for Drunk Truck Drivers?

Atlanta authorities believe alcohol played a role in the fatal crash of a city garbage truck. The driver, who is seriously injured and still hospitalized, is now facing a slew of criminal charges for the death of his passenger.

But the city may soon find itself in legal hot water, too. A former public works employee alleges that supervisors were made aware of on-the-job alcohol issues but didn't do anything about it, reports Atlanta's WSB-TV.

The tragic story highlights the need for employers to proactively address substance abuse issues by having comprehensive substance abuse policies in place. Employers who fail to do so can be liable for their employee's acts.

What Is Joint and Several Liability?

What is joint and several liability in Georgia?

When it comes to injury and tort law, joint and several liability is a very important method of determining how an injured party is compensated by the liable party, usually after some type of personal injury case is settled.

Here is an overview of what joint and several liability means, and what it looks like in Georgia:

After a Truck Accident, Whom Should You Sue?

After a truck accident on I-75 in Henry County last week, some may be wondering who is at fault. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a motorcyclist was killed last Thursday morning in a collision with a tractor-trailer. I-75 northbound was shut down for several hours after the incident and reopened again in the afternoon.

The crash apparently occurred when a truck, going southbound, crossed the median and crashed into a northbound motorcycle.

Charges are currently pending, but questions are already looming: if you're involved in a truck accident, who should you sue? Here's a general breakdown:

3 Tips: How To Stop Your Teen From Texting and Driving

Parents in Georgia, did you know that texting while driving actually surpasses drinking and driving as the leading cause in teenage car accidents? According to PRWEB, this is the case as of last year. It's also good to note these risks now that it's back-to-school season, as there will likely be more teens on the road during the weekdays before and after school hours.

Teenagers can be a handful, and they may be stubborn especially when it comes to their texting habits, to which many have a barnacle-like attachment. However, as parents, their ultimate safety should be your number one concern. Keeping that in mind, here are 3 tips on how you can stop -- or at least regulate -- your teen when it comes to texting and driving: