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Police Say Carroll County Man Faked Accident In Parking Lot

There's more than one way to get by in this prolonged period of economic distress, but faking an accident in order to file a fraudulent lawsuit is probably not the best option. Villa Rica police said James Burton intentionally walked into a car as it was backing up in a Wal-Mart parking lot, as reported by the Atlanta CBS affiliate.

Police arrested James Burton, described by reporter Hena Daniels as a homeless man, soon after the incident.

Suspects are innocent until proven guilty; but several eyewitnesses and surveillance video from the Wal-Mart parking lot certainly help back police claims. He has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, which are both misdemeanors.

But had he hired a Georgia injury attorney and pursued a lawsuit, the reporter said those charges automatically would have been upgraded to felonies.

A video included with the above-linked article shows James Burton watching the car and then backing into the rear bumper is it backs out. The driver, 71-year-old Katherine Sobers, was moving relatively slow and said she stopped the car as soon as she heard "a God-awful thump."

Her daughter, Emma Gillam, immediately jumped out of the car to see what had happened, telling her mother, "Mom that's a person not a car or a can." But as Capt. Keith Shaddix of the Villa Rica Police Dept. observed from the video, James Burton appeared to have placed himself in the car's blind spot in order to get hit.

He was rushed to the hospital after complaining of pain in his ribs and hip but Emma Gilliam said he wasn't very consistent:

"By the time the officer showed up, he was holding his shoulder and then hip. It was silly."

Katherine Sobers said it was a "horrifying experience" and wondered if he chose her because she's older.

Consider calling an Atlanta accident attorney if you have a legitimate injury claim. LawBrain provides some examples of frivolous lawsuits that have been filed.

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