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Brain Injured Soldiers Getting Treatment At Atlanta Clinic

Nonprofit investigative reporting organization ProPublica wrote about how the Atlanta-based charity Project Share is helping brain-damaged war veterans who are unable to get similar care through the Veteran's Administration. Former Home Depot magnate Bernie Marcus founded Project Share in order to fill in the gaps through which countless returning vets have fallen.

Military and veterans hospitals often lack the staffing and expertise needed for extensive cognitive rehabilitation therapy, Bernie Marcus said. Such therapy also is very time consuming and difficult, he added:

"Isn't this worthwhile? Isn't this something we should all be concerned about? Whatever it takes is what we should give them."

Injured soldiers can't hire Atlanta injury lawyers and sue their foreign attackers, of course, but brain damage is a relatively common injury with respect to lawsuits. This article provides an in-depth look into the duration and ultimate cost of treating such injuries.

Project Share patient and Iraq war veteran Bobby McKinney suffered multiple concussions from bomb blasts that left him with diminished short-term memory, difficult performing simple tasks and frequent disorientation.

He hopes his treatments at Project Share, located in the Shepherd Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury in Atlanta, eventually will help him overcome the injuries. Patients spend most of their time with therapists, working on memory, speech, balance and psychological well-being.

During a visit to his in-patient room by ProPublica reporters, a nurse's aide checked to see if the former Marine was aware of the brownies burning in his oven:

"Try to work on one thing at a time. Multitasking is just asking the brain to do two or three things not too well."

Recovery from a brain injury is a marathon, not a sprint. Talk to an Atlanta injury attorney if you believe another party is liable.

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