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Spaulding County Firefighters Reprimanded For Videotaping Fatal Accident

Spalding County firefighter Terrance Reid was fired last month after admitting to videotaping deceased motorist Dayna Kempson-Schacht after her car crashed into a tree. He shared the cell phone video and it eventually made its way to the internet and finally to the 23-year-old victim's parents, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Now six of his coworkers have been disciplined for not stopping him or reporting his actions.

Revelations that the six men were partly responsible for the disturbing video came after Georgia injury attorney Christopher Balch, hired to investigate the crash, issued a report of his findings.

The men were allowed to keep their jobs but received written reprimands for their inaction. One of the firefighters was verbally reprimanded. The lawyer also blamed interim fire chief Kenny West of not living up to the demands of his position:

"The gravity of the failures in leadership, supervision and training constitute a dereliction of duty by Chief West which justify his termination by Spalding County."

No decision has been made as to Kenny West's possible discipline but interim assistant county manager Virginia Beams said Spalding officials remain in "conversations with his attorney."

The following excerpt is from the written reprimand:

"You were aware that Terrance Reid used his personal cell phone to make a video of the accident. You stated at the time that you thought this conduct was wrong, yet you did not say anything to any of Reid's supervisors or to your supervisors."

While this story doesn't directly pertain to a personal injury lawsuit, it just goes to show how investigations into car crashes (often to determine liability) can lead to other discoveries.

Contact an Atlanta accident attorney if you believe another party was responsible for an automobile accident in which you were injured.

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