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Filing a Lawsuit in Georgia After Dog Bite Attack

According to The New York Times, 32 people in the United States died from a dog attack in 2009. Most of the victims in these canine attacks were children and the offending dogs were mostly Pit Bull terriers or Rottweilers.

Death by dogs might not be considered too common in the U.S, but animal attacks causing injury happens quite frequently all over the country. found that 1,000 Americans per day are treated in emergency rooms as a result of dog bites.

If a dog bites a person in the state of Georgia, can he or she bring a legal claim against the dog owner? In order for an animal owner to be liable for injuries in the state, the victim must prove that the animal was dangerous or vicious and that the defendant carelessly managed the animal. As stated on, dog bite liability can be based on a violation of the state’s leash law or on the dog owner’s knowledge that the dog had the temperament or propensity to bite people.

A dog bite accident can be a horrifying experience for both the victim and pet owner. While victims of dog bites or animal attacks are often able to collect compensation after filing a claim, dog owners might not be liable for an injury if the dog was on a leash at the time of the attack and had no history of biting other people. Victims of dog bites can learn information on pursuing an animal attack injury case by contacting an experienced injury lawyer in their area.

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