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Gwinnett House Party Killing: 20-Year-Old Corey Johnson

A 20-year-old graduate of Shiloh named Corey Johnson was killed at a house party near Snellville, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The house party was at 4200 block of Trotters Way Drive, in the Bridlegate subdivision near Bethany Church Road. Pollice were called there twice in one night. First because of illegally parked cars. Next time for tragedy. There were about 50 college-aged adults present and there was some kind of gunshot involved.

The house, quite close to Shiloh, seems to be a magnet of partying. In fact, reports the AJC, the police have been called there four times in the past year, all for loud partying.

Legally speaking, this immediately raises the issue of social host liability.

This kind of liability kicks in when the host of a party should not have been supplying alcohol to partiers that are visibly intoxicated. Social host liability laws are somewhat similar to so-called dram shop laws, which hold bars and alcohol retailers liable for injuries or deaths related to the actions of severely intoxicated patrons.

Another issue that may come up may have to do with premises liability i.e., whether the homeowners might be liable for the shooting. Generally, the answer would be no, except unless the homeowners could have anticipated and prevented the shooting.

In other words, as the criminal investigation goes forward, there will also be a personal injury element to this tragedy. An attorney representing Corey Johnson's family will be very interested in things like who owns the house, who was a frequent guest there, and what happened at previous parties.

The fact that the police has been to the Gwinnett house party killing home many times before will also mean many police reports to read and possibly use in any legal action that follows.

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