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Houston County Sued After Deputy Allegedly Uses Excessive Force

A Georgia man is suing Houston County and the Houston County Sheriff's Office, alleging that deputies used excessive force during a 2008 traffic stop in Warner Robins. According to the McClatchy News Washington Bureau, the plaintiff James Parker alleges that a deputy slammed him to the ground in an aggressive manner and stunned him with a Taser when he asked why he was being arrested. James Parker claims that when he immediately complained of chest pains after being stunned, a deputy threatened to deploy the Taser again.

In this case the plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of $10,000 with help from a Georgia injury lawyer. The lawsuit, which was filed in Macon, alleges that James Parker sustained permanent injuries and damages that included multiple surgeries to his neck, emotional harm, and ongoing pain and suffering. The lawsuit also states that the 44-year-old man was “deprived of his right to be secure in his person against unreasonable seizure of his person and the use of excessive force.”

When filing suit against a federal, state, or local government entity, the injury lawyers representing the plaintiff must often follow strict guidelines, including filing a “notice of claim,” often within 60 days after the injury. FindLaw states that this is because governments and their subdivisions are usually entitled to immunity from liability and lawsuits, so procedures are very complex when a claim does arise. Anybody interested in filing a claim against a government entity in the state of Georgia should immediately contact a Georgia injury lawyer to get help with their case.

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