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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After New York Blizzard

The family of an elderly New York woman claims that 75-year-old Yvonne Freeman died after waiting three hours for an ambulance to get through the unplowed streets of the city after a blizzard. According to New York Daily News, the family is saying that the woman might have survived a heart attack if medics had gotten to the elderly woman's home quicker.

The family now has a lawyer and is planning to sue the city of New York for $20 million. In this wrongful death case, the family is alleging negligence on behalf of multiple city agencies, including NYPD and FDNY. These agencies allegedly did not properly "maintain and update" the 911 system.

Laura Freeman, daughter of Yvonne Freeman, claimed that she was unable to reach an emergency operator for nearly 45 minutes. She says that when she called 911, she got a recorded message and buzzing tone that sounded like a fax machine.

Georgia had a blizzard and ice storm in the Atlanta area last week, which led to some accidents and injuries. Anybody that believes an injury resulted from negligence might want to contact a Georgia injury lawyer to learn more information on filing a claim. As stated by FindLaw's LawBrain, the plaintiff must usually prove that the defendant did not act as a reasonable person would have acted under the circumstances

According to WCTV, Georgia Department of Transportation officials are working on several ways to improve future winter weather responses. One potential response strategy would be to enhance planning and response coordination with local governments.

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