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Parents Sue DeKalb County After Son Dies From Taser Shocks

Audrecas Davis died last year from cardiorespiratory arrest after police officers in DeKalb County used Tasers to restrain him. The parents of the 29-year-old are now taking legal action and filing a lawsuit against the county and eight officers.

According to CBS Atlanta, the lawsuit alleges that DeKalb police officers used excessive force when they shocked Davis six times while he may have been suffering from a seizure. Police reportedly were called after he was found to be unresponsive and lying on the floor of his motel room. EMS workers on the scene tried to restrain Davis on a stretcher, but police officers reportedly used their Taser guns when they struggled to with Davis at a point when he was trying to refuse treatment.

The police department conducted an internal investigation after the incident and found that the officers at the scene followed proper procedures. However, the lawsuit states that the Taser was misused at a time when Audrecas Davis wasn't resisting arrest or doing anything wrong. Furthermore, the family of the victim claims that the multiple Taser shocks killed their son.

Taser guns seem to be the subject of many personal injury lawsuits and this certainly isn't the first wrongful death case that involves the alleged misuse of Tasers. A lawsuit for any wrongful death claim is usually brought on behalf of the decedent's immediate family members. FindLaw's LawBrain states that a wrongful death claim can be brought for either an intentional or unintentional act that results in death.

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