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Atlanta Graffiti Artists Facing Lawsuit For Property Damage

Two residents of the Roane on Edgewood Avenue and the Atlanta business Jenkins Metal & Supply have filed a lawsuit against a group of graffiti taggers and well-known street artists in the community, alleging intentional destruction of property and emotional distress. With community members now taking legal action, there seems to be a growing trend against Atlanta graffiti artists.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the lawsuit against the taggers was filed in Fulton County State Court last week. The plaintiffs in this case claim that they have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars removing spray-painted names off their property.

Some of the well-known graffiti artists named in the suit include Seth Berman, known as Sethafari; Graham Bickerstaff, known as NOPE; Graem Kinsella, known as GHOST; and Grant Taylor, known as GNAR. There are also several defendants in this case who are only known by their tag names.

Apparently, residents of the community have taken on numerous efforts prior to the lawsuit to get the graffiti to stop. The lawsuit was filed by personal injury attorney Terry Jackson, who is a neighbor to the Old Fourth Ward residents and Jenkins Metal & Supply. Together, the plaintiffs are asking for $1 million in punitive damages.

"The stress and strain of this has been tremendous. It's tens of thousands of dollars in costs in damages," Dave MacDonald, a resident of the Old Fourth Ward, said in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "The cost emotionally, and stress-wise, I can't begin to imagine what it has cost emotionally."

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