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CPSC Recalls Pacific Trade Tea Candles

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled more than seven million tea candles imported by Pacific Trade International due to a burn hazard. This may seem like an odd reason to recall candles, as burning wax is usually what people intend to do when they light a candle.

Yet a CPSC press release states that these specific tea candles are covered by a clear, plastic cup that can melt or ignite a larger fire than desirable. No injuries or incidents of property damage have been reported when it comes to the candle use, but Pacific Trade has received at least one report of a plastic cup around the candle melting while in use.

Packages of the recalled candles were sold nationwide between July 2009 and February 2011 for a price between $1 and $12. A list of the specific candle-types being recalled can be found on the CPSC website.

Pacific Trade recommends that consumers stop using the recalled candles immediately and states that the product can be returned to the store where purchased in exchange for store credit. Meanwhile CPSC is still interested in receiving incident or injury reports that relate to the Pacific Trade tea candles. Consumers can report incidents of injuries or property damage by calling (800) 638-2772 or

Personal injury lawsuits will sometimes arise if a person suffers from injuries due to defective or dangerous products. These product liability cases are often based on state laws and brought under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty.

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