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Family Awarded $6.9 Million After Child Suffers From Brain Injury

An 18-year-old boy from Cinco Bayou, FL was awarded nearly $6.9 million in a personal injury suit after proving that he suffered from a permanent brain injury at a 2007 event. The Walton Sun reports that the young man named Dakota suffered from injuries when he was 14 years of age while playing in an inflatable “bungee run” at a school’s Touchdown Club fundraiser.

That “bungee run” ended up being a bad idea. The activity involved Dakota being strapped to bungee cords and then running to the end of what resembled a bowling alley lane. After getting off the run, the boy went into convulsions and had to be transferred to a hospital by helicopter. Dakota had to undergo surgery so that a piece of his skull could be removed in order to ease the brain from swelling.

Doctors said that Dakota was lucky to be alive after the incident, as only five percent of adults with this type of injury reportedly survive. The boy had to go through months of rehabilitation at a hospital in Atlanta and must still take several daily medications and see doctors regularly. Dakota's mother has stated that the boy will never be the same person that he once was since the accident, as her son still struggles to complete normal tasks.

The Choctaw Touchdown Club and Interstate Fire and Casualty Co. were named as defendants in the $6.9 million lawsuit. However, attorneys representing the defendants say that they now plan to appeal the judge's ruling. Hence, the legal saga isn't quite yet over in this brain injury case.

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