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Georgia Residents Sue After Elevator Accident Results in Death

Now there's a new reason to be scared of elevators. Courthouse News Service reports that an elderly couple from Brunswick, GA died in their home elevator after it became stuck between two floors. What's even worse is that the emergency phone inside of the elevator apparently didn't work and the couple, who were 90 and 88 years of age, were trapped for days before they were eventually found.

The children of the deceased couple are now filing a lawsuit against South Georgia Elevator and its agent Ronald Hickox for negligence and wrongful death. The suit alleges that the defendants failed to repair the home elevator properly and failed to see that it had a working telephone.

The plaintiffs in this case claim that Hickox worked on the elevator, but failed to notify the elderly couple of “the dangerous condition posed by the absence of a functioning telephone in the elevator.” When making repairs, Hickox also allegedly failed to secure excess cable ends, which reportedly caused the home elevator malfunction.

While this case may prompt Georgia residents to fear elevators in a home or commercial building, it’s important to realize that elevator accidents are often preventable. FindLaw’s KnowledgeBase states that elevator accidents too often occur when critical maintenance is left undone and crucial repairs are delayed.

Injuries that can result from an elevator malfunction can of course be minor or severe. After an elevator accident, a personal injury attorney is often able to help victims (or family members of victims) recover compensation and other damages.

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