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P. Diddy Facing Lawsuit After Bodyguards Attack Atlanta Photographer

Being a bodyguard for a famous celebrity like P. Diddy doesn't give you total license to get physically violent with others. Perhaps the hip-hop mogul might want to rein in his posse just a bit after this latest incident following the BET Hip-Hop awards.

An Atlanta photographer is now going as far as filing a lawsuit against Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and four of his unnamed bodyguards. The photographer claims that he was beaten by the bodyguards while working at at Club Mansion Elan on Clairmont Road. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the lawsuit, which also names the nightclub as a defendant, was filed last week in DeKalb County State Court.

The plaintiff in this case is 30-year-old Jabari Tilgham, who says that he was one of about 12 photographers inside the DeKalb club taking photos of Combs and other celebrity guests on the night that he was attacked. It’s not exactly clear what Tilgham did that led bodyguards to believe that the photographer deserved a beating, but Tilgham claims that the attack came without warrant.

A security guard employed with Club Mansion Elan has even confirmed the story that Tilgham presents in his legal claim through a signed affidavit.

Civil lawsuits involving assault or battery are certainly no joking matter in Atlanta courts. In such personal injury cases, the plaintiff can collect compensatory damages along with special relief that can include injunctive or punitive damages. FindLaw states that the compensatory damages can be awarded in this type of case for both economic and emotional harm.

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