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Parents Taking Legal Action After Toddler Gets Drunk at Applebee's

The legal drinking age in every U.S. state is 21, but it looks like some restaurant servers need to be a bit more careful not to serve alcohol to children or underage individuals. Reuters reports that the Applebee’s restaurant chain is now facing a lawsuit after parents in Michigan accused a server of giving their 15-month-old son an alcoholic margarita when the parents ordered apple juice for the boy.

The drunk toddler was apparently so impaired after drinking the beverage that he wouldn’t even have been able to legally drive a car, assuming for the sake of argument that he was of legal drinking age and had a valid driver’s license. The lawsuit states that the child had a blood-alcohol content of .10 percent after sipping the drink and that he had symptoms of a hangover for a period of days after the incident.

Yet there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy regarding how drunk the toddler actually was in this case. A report from the Madison Heights Police Department stated that field tests were conducted in the restaurant and that the child's blood-alcohol content was significantly lower than what was stated in the lawsuit.

Nonetheless, the parents Taylor Dill-Reese and Dominic Wilson are still taking legal action in this case and have already filed a claim in Oakland County, Michigan. In the suit, they claim that they suffered emotional distress as a result of the incident are seeking unspecified monetary damages from Applebee's parent company for medical bills and non-economic losses.

In the meantime, Applebee's doesn't want to take any chances of making the same mistake again. The restaurant chain has stated that they will "retrain all severs on the beverage pouring policy" and that apple juice will now only be served to children from single-serve containers.

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