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Student Injured After Teacher Throws Shoe in DeKalb County

Brenda Williams claims that a teacher at Lithonia Middle School in DeKalb County deliberately threw her shoe at her sixth-grade son. Apparently, the boy was talking too much in class, which caused the teacher to take off her shoe and throw it at the boy.

Fox News reports that the shoe hit Williams' son in the forehead, causing injury. Williams says that the teacher claimed that the shoe throwing episode was an accident, yet it's difficult to believe that such an incident would arise accidently. The mother, who believes that the shoe throwing was deliberate, is now considering taking legal action against the DeKalb County school district because of the injury to her son.

“It’s about getting justice for my child and hopefully preventing this to happen to another person’s child,” Brenda Williams said through Fox News.

School officials say that the employee in question could face disciplinary action leading up to termination in this case. The Lithonia Middle School teacher accused of throwing the shoe at the student has already been placed on leave and will be out of the classroom for several weeks. The school will decide on disciplinary action and the possibility of termination at the end of the teacher’s period of leave.

If the mother were to take legal action in this case, she would have to prove that the teacher intentionally or negligently caused harm or that the school district was negligent when responding to or preventing such behavior. More information about legal claims that can arise from assault, battery or other injury cases can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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