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Use of Excessive Force Prompts Lawsuit Against Warner Robins Police

Kyle Colbert Sims, a Fayetteville man, claims that he was physically assaulted by several Warner Robins police officers last year, even after he agreed to cooperate with an arrest. After he was placed in handcuffs at the time of his arrest for allegedly trying to cash a fraudulent check and then getting into a fight with officers, Sims says that officers used excessive force by spinning him around and slamming him face-first onto a concrete surface. reports that Kyle Sims now hopes to get his day in court by filing legal action against the law enforcers. With help from an Atlanta attorney, Sims filed a lawsuit in Macon's federal court on April 15 against five Warner Robins police officers, their supervisor and the city of Warner Robins.

Sims is currently serving a five year prison sentence for an obstruction of an officer conviction, but this doesn’t mean that the inmate can’t file an injury suit and sue for damages. The federal lawsuit, which states that the plaintiff suffered from significant physical injuries, seeks monetary damages, attorney’s fees and litigation expenses.

The lawsuit specifically states that “Throughout the entire encounter with these officers, [Sims] did not attempt to fight back and repeatedly attempted to communicate with the officers his attempts to cooperate.”

Many civil lawsuits arise from police misconduct, particularly in the state of Georgia. FindLaw states that the use of excessive force, making a false arrest, malicious prosecution, or failure for an officer to intervene are some of the most common types of injury claims involving police misconduct.

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