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Bishop Eddie Long Lawsuits Settle

The famous Atlanta megachurch pastor and anti-gay activist Bishop Eddie Long has been dealing with disturbing sex abuse allegations over the past eight months. Yet the pastor can now move on with his life, as WSB Atlanta reports that the Eddie Long lawsuits involving allegations of sexual misconduct with four young men have been settled.

The settlement reportedly came after a series of court-ordered mediation sessions. Without the settlement, lawyers predicted that the Eddie Long lawsuits would have gone to trial in the summer or fall.

The sex abuse lawsuit accused Long of using his spiritual authority to coerce teenage boys into performing sexual acts for his own personal sexual gratification. Each of the plaintiffs are now in their early 20s, but they were all either 17 years of age or 18 years of age at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct, according to the Associated Press. The plaintiffs alleged that the Atlanta pastor had used money, clothes, jewelry, cars, lavish trips and even access to celebrities to seduce the teenagers.

The amount of money agreed upon in the settlement with this case has not been disclosed.

The AP called the settlement a “quiet end to a blockbuster legal complaint.” FindLaw states that most civil lawsuits do not actually reach the court trial stages and that most legal claims are resolved earlier through a negotiated settlement among the parties. With any settlement, the plaintiff gives up the right to pursue any further legal action in connection with their injury in exchange for the payment of an agreed-upon sum of money.

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