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Angel Castro Torres, Cobb County Settle Police Brutality Suit

Angel Castro Torres, who claims in a lawsuit that two Cobb County police officers stopped him without cause and beat him, will walk away from this case with a $32,500 settlement. With the settlement, the lawsuit against Cobb County and the officers involved in the incident will be dismissed and the county will not be required to admit liability or wrongdoing, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Police officers are not allowed to use excessive force or brutality when making an arrest. When police abuse their power and cause injury to another person, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed and damages can be often be collected. 

With the case involving 23-year-old Castro Torres, the suit alleged that county police stopped Castro Torres while he was on a bike and asked to see his identification. Officers then inquired about his immigration status and allegedly punched Castro Torres in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket. He was then arrested on two counts of obstructing a law enforcement officer.

However, Cobb County police give a slightly different version of the story. They say that they stopped Castro Torres on a bike because he was wearing unspecified "gang attire." The police report said that the suspect tried to break away from officers when he was questioned about his date of birth, which caused authorities to grab him and push him against a patrol car.

Because no liability is implied with this settlement, we'll never know the exact story of what happened between police and Angel Castro Torres. However, it is clear that police officers are liable for injuries they cause when they exceed the legal bounds of their authority.

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