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Meeka Claxton, the wife of former Atlanta Hawk basketball player, Speedy Claxton, has been a participant in season four of the reality series Basketball Wives, and recently got involved in a fight with a fellow contestant, Tami Roman.

In the fight, Tami Roman, who was previously married to Kenny Anderson, who also played for the Atlanta Hawks, punched Meeka Claxton while they were at a club in Italy. The exact cause of the fight is a bit vague, but Tami's bio on Vh1 says that she has no "filter." That might have something to do with it.

"I want to run for sheriff in Georgia." Are you thinking something like that? Or maybe you're just thinking: "I want to reform the local police."

Always be careful when you try to reform the police -- Ethan Hawke in Training Day could have told you that -- or if you are going to get involved in a defamation lawsuit arising from it.

Because one Georgia case about alleged defamation that took place during a sheriff's election has been going on for eleven years, reported the Georgia Daily News, and will continue to go on for the foreseeable future.

Raquel Nelson Convicted for 'Jaywalking Homicide' of Own Son

Raquel Nelson, a thirty year old African-American mother, was convicted last week for the crime of second degree vehicular homicide, after her four year old child was killed when she tried to cross a five lane highway with her three kids to get to her apartment after being dropped off at the bus stop, reports Transportation for America.

The real kicker, aside from the fact that the crime Nelson was found guilty of is a crime that one generally needs a car to commit, is that the driver of the car that killed Raquel Nelson's child, was drunk. She was being blamed for walking across the road to get home instead of walking half a mile further up to cross.

Yesterday, there was considerable discussion that Nelson might receive a harsher sentence than the man that actually struck her child. It is now being reported by CNN that Nelson will not be given a jail sentence after outcry from around the country.

A visibly intoxicated man named Billy Joe Grundell, along with his friend, purchased a 12-pack of beer from an Exprezit! convenience store on the side of a highway, and after consuming the beer proceeded to drive on the highway.

At this point Mr. Grundell crossed the center-line of the highway and ran head-on into a van going the opposite way, killing the driver, five other people and injuring several others. Mr. Grundell's blood alcohol limit was .181 -- twice the legal limit in Georgia.

The injured passengers sued the convenience store.

Why was the convenience store that sold the beer the party sued?

Unsecured Load Causes Death in Freak Accident

Imagine you are taking an evening stroll. As you are walking around, well off the street, a truck passes by with an unsecured load and some of the contents fall out and strike you and cause you devastating injuries leading to your death.

This is more or less the accident death that was suffered by 57-year-old Cynthia Cameron, a mother of five, reports CBS Atlanta. She had only recently arrived in the Atlanta-metropolitan area.

The police charged Leonard Kleckley, the driver of the truck, with second degree vehicular homicide, reports WSBTV, though the severest eye of investigation will probably fall on DJ Services, the company that Kleckley worked for and who owned the truck.

Shooting in P. Diddy Owned Restaurant Sparks Civil Lawsuit

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is being pulled into another shooting story. This time the story isn’t as glamorous as before, as it doesn’t feature J.Lo, or involve a promising young rapper like Shyne going to jail.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Northern Georgia, a man called Leroy “Tony” Austin said he came to the Diddy owned restaurant, Justin’s Bar and Restaurant, in November 2010, and was shot in the parking lot along with another man, reports the Associated Press.

Nine-Year-Old Anna Van Horn Dies in Tubing Accident

It is a common thing to beat the summer heat by seeking out bodies of water to splash around and cool down in. This includes everything from oceans, to lakes, to rivers and water parks.

However, watery entertainment brings its own set of dangers and pitfalls, sometimes even of the tragic sort. And such a tragedy occurred on the Chattahoochee River when a 9-year-old girl named Anna Van Horn, who was tubing in the river with two adults and three children, was swept away due to the release of extra water from Buford Dam, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The tragic nature of this tubing accident is compounded by the fact that the timing for the Buford Dam's release is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and is published on radio station AM 1610 or on the phone via 770-945-1466, via a message that is recorded daily.

21-Year-Old Killed on Lake Lanier Water Slide

Sometimes it seems like even the most simple, fun things turn out to be the most dangerous and even something that sounds as safe or even silly as a water slide can be deadly. Sergio Edwards, 21, was pulled from the water unconscious after going down the Fun Dunker at Lake Lanier Islands, on July 4. Lifeguards immediately performed CPR and Edwards was rushed to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, but he did not survive.

The exact cause of Edwards' death is still unknown, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The slide, which has been a part of the park since 1998, is functioning properly, according to officials. The investigation is still on-going, leaving questions about just what caused the death of Sergio Edwards.

Atlanta Woman Sues Rick Ross After Pit Bull Attacks Yorkie

Rapper Rick Ross apparently needs to keep his dogs on a leash or at least assert more control over the canines. His three pit bulls attacked and killed a Yorkshire Terrier last April after they escaped from his Atlanta mansion, reports the Daily Mail. Hence, Ross has gotten himself into some legal trouble with a very angry Yorkie owner.

The owner of the now-deceased Yorkie is suing the rapper, alleging that Ross was negligent in allowing the three dogs to get out of their kennels. The lawsuit states that the three pit bulls left “three large bite wounds” on the back of the Yorkie named Banks as well as a “very large bite wound” on the neck.