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Atlanta Woman Sues Rick Ross After Pit Bull Attacks Yorkie

Rapper Rick Ross apparently needs to keep his dogs on a leash or at least assert more control over the canines. His three pit bulls attacked and killed a Yorkshire Terrier last April after they escaped from his Atlanta mansion, reports the Daily Mail. Hence, Ross has gotten himself into some legal trouble with a very angry Yorkie owner.

The owner of the now-deceased Yorkie is suing the rapper, alleging that Ross was negligent in allowing the three dogs to get out of their kennels. The lawsuit states that the three pit bulls left “three large bite wounds” on the back of the Yorkie named Banks as well as a “very large bite wound” on the neck.

Police apparently came to the scene after the attack and were able to pull the pit bulls off of Banks, but the dog had to later be put down due to the injuries that resulted from the incident. The plaintiff in this case is seeking $15,000 in damages plus court costs.

If your pet is injured or killed as a result of being attacked by another animal, you will most likely be able to receive compensatory damages after filing a claim. FindLaw states that the amount of money in damages can include the purchase price of a similar pet, registration of a purebred animal, licensing, shots, and training costs. Dog injuries like pit bull attacks that result from another person's negligence can end up being very costly, which is why dog owners should do everything that they can to control their pets. Let the case involving Rick Ross be a lesson.

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