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Georgia Stripper Busts Noses and Gets Banned from Topper's Showbar

Georgia strippers aren't always peachy.

An exotic dancer at Topper's Showbar in Athens recently went on a hairbrush swinging rampage, reports WSBTV. She succeeded in getting herself banned from the club for two years.

The fight broke out during the stripper's graveyard shift, around 3 a.m. on Sunday. The exotic dancer with the hairbrush left many of the other Georgia strippers with bruised faces and broken noses, which won't be good for business at Topper's Showbar.

Buford Boy Trevor Jones Killed in Lake Lanier Boating Accident

Fishing on Lake Lanier may be good this year and the campgrounds are always picturesque. But safety continues to remain an issue at the popular summer cooling off spot, as a 14-year-old Buford boy named Trevor Jones was killed in a Lake Lanier boating accident, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The 14-year-old Trevor Jones was on one of the two boats that collided with each other near Toto Park, and apparently fell in the water. His body was later pulled out. Toto Park is on Highway 136.

Porsche in Alleged Killing Disappears After Hit-and-Run in Cobb

An older model Porsche involved in the alleged killing of a motorcyclist seems to have disappeared, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Emanuel R. Mitchell, a 31-year-old, riding a black Kawasaki died on the scene after being struck Saturday night. His motorcycle made contact with two cars, the Porsche and a Mazda 3 -- but the owner of the Mazda stuck around.

Police are currently looking for the 1980s model Porsche. It is a coupe with tinted windows. Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call Cobb County police at 770-499-3987.

Chimney House Court Deck Collapses in DeKalb County

A quiet evening slid into dangerous grounds at a family gathering on Chimney House Court, reports WSBTV, in a story that will scare those who like porches and decks.

During late Sunday afternoon in DeKalb County, a number of people had gathered at a house deck for a family gathering when the deck apparently collapsed under their weight.

The Fire Department responding to the DeKalb County deck collapse investigated and found that the deck fell inwards so the people standing on it slid down and landed against the house, reports WSBTV. The odd deck collapse prevented more severe injuries like the sort a straight down fall might have inflicted. Its unclear if other people witnessed the fall from their patios and decks.

Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Thomas Scott Willoch Suing Frat in Alabama

Georgians, especially University of Georgia Bulldogs, are accustomed to looking at the other universities in the SEC, and pointing and gossiping. Well, something out of the University of Alabama will give Georgians plenty to talk about.

It turns out that a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity pledge is suing a local chapter of the fraternity in county court after he was left "unconscious and nonresponsive" after an alcohol fueled hazing ritual, reports Courthouse News Service.

Flat Shoals House Roof Collapses and Workers Injured

It is one of those old wood frame houses so popular in the bygone years. Today it acted its age and caused a construction accident.

Three workers working on renovating the old house on Flat Shoals Avenue were injured when the roof of the home collapsed, reports WSBTV.

The crash was quite severe. Neighbors felt it shook their homes. And the workers each fell 18 feet, becoming temporarily stuck in the debris. Atlanta Fire Department arrived on the scene and assisted the victims in getting to a hospital. They worked quickly to take care of the construction accident.

Georgia Hit With Massive E. Coli Beef Recall

Omnivores, beware! The beef might be bad.

Three of Georgia's major grocery chains have recalled some of their ground beef packages, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The stated reason is that they might contain the E. Coli bacteria.

The announcement came after the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that 60,000 pounds of beef needed to be recalled. The beef recall will affect Georgia and some of the other Southern states.

Former Players Suing NFL Over Concussions

For many people the words "NFL" and "concussions" are synonymous. Injury is considered a part of the game. But it has tragic consequences, too.

Many Georgians remember the CNN story about former Atlanta Falcon lineman, Shane Dronett, who due to concussions suffered in the NFL ended up committing suicide. The name of the brain disease doctors have identified in many former NFL players is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It can affect a person's moods, make them unstable, and potentially violent.

Heat Wave Connected to Georgia High School Football Death

Giving 110%, like most high school football players in Georgia tend to do, cost Forrest Jones of Locust Grove his life, reports 11 Alive NBC Atlanta.

Seventeen-year-old Forrest Jones had been in critical condition at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta after he suffered a heat stroke which caused his vital organs including kidneys, liver, and brain to stop working. He later passed away.

When asked about Forrest Jones's death from heatstroke during football practice, school officials were quick to point out that the practice Jones attended was voluntary and not mandatory. This was an important fact for the officials because due to restrictions from the Georgia High School Organization, teams statewide were not allowed to start mandatory practice until August 1.

Atlanta Tenant Injured by Collapsed Walkway

It probably didn't feel like a disappearing bridge in an Indiana Jones movie, but it had a similar effect.

An Atlanta man named Kareem Redd was taking a stroll outside the Crystal Point Apartments when a concrete slab under him fell and caused his leg to get trapped, reports WSBTV.

"He fell, boom. I could see him tumbling down as I came out the door," his roommate Cory Broome told WSBTV Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri.

To add insult to injury, neighbors took cell phone videos of Redd's foot pinned inside the hole of the collapsed walkway.

However, those videos might be useful in the event that Kareem Redd decides to file a lawsuit against his landlord.

Can Atlantans File Suit for Cell Phone Cancer?

A specter is haunting America -- the specter of cancerous cell phones. All the powers of product liability lawyers have entered into a holy alliance to litigate this spectre.

It all started in 2002 when lawyers first realized that they might be able to sue the $45 billion telecom industry for possibly spreading cancer. And even though the judge threw that lawsuit out, reported USA Today, product liability lawyers have stayed in pursuit of the specter.

Georgia Tech Season Ticketholder Sues Over Game Strip Search

That is one humiliating sandwich.

A Georgia Tech season ticketholder, Mary Clayton, has filed a civil lawsuit against Georgia Tech officers and the private security company that employs them, reports WSBTV, because of an illegal strip search in a bathroom at Tech just before kickoff.

The search was caused by suspicion that she was hiding a sandwich in the front of her pants.

Reports say, in September of last year Mary Clayton was at a game when she bought a chicken sandwich at Coca Cola owned Chick-Fil-A. When she went to take it into the stands she was told she had to throw it away, which she promptly did. However, when she returned to go to her seat the security guards told her she had to submit to an inspection, reports WSBTV.

5-Year-Old Kensley Kirby Dead from O.D. at Family Medical Clinic

Kensley Kirby, a five year old that went for treatment at Family Medical Clinic on Hampton Road for a broken arm, ended up dying as a result of an overdose of Lidocaine, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Although the incident occurred in June, confirmation about the cause of death only came out now, after the Henry County Coroner's office finished its inquiry.

&"They went from picking the color of the cast with their daughter to basically being with her as she died," the family's lawyer, Pete Law, told the AJC.