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Atlanta Tenant Injured by Collapsed Walkway

It probably didn't feel like a disappearing bridge in an Indiana Jones movie, but it had a similar effect.

An Atlanta man named Kareem Redd was taking a stroll outside the Crystal Point Apartments when a concrete slab under him fell and caused his leg to get trapped, reports WSBTV.

"He fell, boom. I could see him tumbling down as I came out the door," his roommate Cory Broome told WSBTV Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri.

To add insult to injury, neighbors took cell phone videos of Redd's foot pinned inside the hole of the collapsed walkway.

However, those videos might be useful in the event that Kareem Redd decides to file a lawsuit against his landlord.

Tenants litigate against landlords all the time. This is because landlords have a duty to:

  • Properly maintain common areas of a property;
  • Warn of hidden dangers which they are or should be aware of on a property;
  • Make safe furnished dwellings on short term leases.

Kareem Redd will be trying to argue that the landlord should have known that a thick concrete slab underfoot might just give way one day. His argument will be helped by the fact that the accident occurred outside his apartment, in what might be described as a common area.

From the website, Crystal Point Apartments in Decatur appear to be an otherwise well maintained community. Many landlords generally hold an insurance policy for when tenants sue for injuries suffered on the property. While such policies are not cheap, they come in handy when a pavement decides that it no longer wants to be underfoot.

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