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Chinese Chicken Coming to America?

Chicken lovers must be salivating at the prospect of eating some Chinese chicken.

Turns out that officials from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently met with Chinese officials to discuss a USDA food safety and inspection assessment on Chinese chicken, reports the Pork Network.

Vic Yankouski's Wife Punched in Smyrna Council Race?

Seems like emotions are running high in Smyrna.

Was Vic Yankouski's wife punched in Smyrna's council race? That is the allegation being reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The alleged incident occurred when candidate Vic Yankouski and his wife Pat were driving around to check on alleged vandalism against their yard signs. Pat apparently pulled up in front of one sign to ask the individuals what they were doing. The alleged vandal came up to Pat Yankouski and punched her twice on the face. The force of the alleged punches knocked Pat Yankouski's glasses off, reports WSBTV.

American Egg Products Recalls Frozen Eggs

The chicken-and-egg problems for Georgia continue.

Shortly after chicken producer Cagle's sought bankruptcy and Georgia eggs caught embroiled in a hard-boiled bankruptcy, another Georgia egg company has to recall some of its eggs, reports Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

American Egg Products, of Blackshear, is recalling frozen eggs that come in five-pound paper cartons due to a fear of salmonella. So far there have not been any illnesses (is that because no one actually eats frozen eggs?).

Gwinnett County Family Killed in Florida Crash

A Chevy Tahoe driven by a 17-year-old and carrying seven family members from Gwinnett County flipped over in Florida and killed four people, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that only one of the eight people in the Chevy Tahoe had on a seat beat or were in a child restraint at the time of the accident. However, Kurt George, the father of the 17-year-old driver Darrian George, says that all but one of the family members were wearing seat-belts.

Austell CVS Kidnapping, Robbery, Rape of 24-year-old

A 24-year-old woman leaving a CVS in Austell was brutally assaulted, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The suspect allegedly forced the woman into her car and made her drive him to him to an unknown location, where he raped her. He also made her drive to various ATM's and had her take money out of her account.

The Austell CVS kidnapping, robbery, and rape came to an end after the suspect got out of the woman's car and fled on foot.

Top 3 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

Many Georgians have been lucky enough to avoid getting in a car accident. But lucky doesn't make you safe forever. So the real question is: do you know what to do if you end up in a car accident? Well, the people of FindLaw have been studying car accidents like their livelihood depended on it (in a way it does). And these are the top three things NOT to do after a car accident.

1 - Do not yell "I'm outtie!" and burn rubber.

How to put this simply? Do not run away, drive away, roll away, or otherwise escape. You shouldn't leave the car accident scene until it is appropriate to do so. If you leave a scene where someone's been injured or killed, you could face serious criminal penalties for being a hit-and-run driver. The only time you should make like the Transporter and get away is if you think you were bumped as a pretext to a robbery. Or if the other vehicle is the advance scout of an alien invasion. Then yes, leave.

DeKalb Pedestrian Michelle Turner Hit and Killed

After an accident on Moreland Avenue and Constitution Drive on Sunday night, one DeKalb pedestrian is dead, reports WSBTV.

The accident involved a Jeep Cherokee and the driver stayed at the scene until police arrived (the best thing you can do in such situations). The driver was not charged and his name has not been released.

That area on Moreland Avenue and Constitution Drive is apparently a haven for jay-walking, according to the driver's step-brother.

Single Engine Cessna Plane Crashes in DeKalb Backyard

A single engine Cessna plane crashed in a DeKalb backyard and despite the severity of the crash there were relatively few injuries, reports WSBTV.

The crash prompted investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration to show up and pore over the wreckage.

Apparently the plane had lost power before the crash. The flight was headed from the resort area of Hilton Head, South Carolina, to the DeKalb Peachtree Airport when it crashed about two miles short of the runway. The passengers of the plane that crashed in DeKalb backyard were a father and son, reports My Fox Atlanta.

Georgia Supreme Court Killer Alligator Case

The Georgia Supreme Court will be hearing a case about an alleged killer alligator, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia Supreme Court's killer alligator case arises from events involving a woman found dead in a lagoon that as home to an eight-foot alligator in Savannah.

The heirs of the 83-year-old woman, Gwyneth Williams of Savannah, are suing The Landing Association, the homeowners association that they say should have taken steps to remove the gator. When Gwyneth Williams of Savannah was discovered, her hands and one leg were missing and parts of her body were found in the stomach of the alleged killer alligator, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

Friday Night Fights: Georgia Coach Hospitalized After Attack

A Warren County football coach, Dave Daniels, who was severely injured when an opposing player hit him with his helmet is undergoing treatment at a local hospital, reports 13WMAZ.

The incident occurred after a Friday night game in Hancock County. A Hancock player struck coach Dave Daniels in the face and crushed facial bones and injured his eye. While an investigation is under way, all future athletic events between Hancock County and Warren County school systems have been cancelled, reports CNN.

Top Three Lawsuits a Real-Life Superhero Could Face

Recently, with the news of the botched attack by the Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones (Benjamin Fodor), there has been additional focus on real-life superheroes, reports AOL News.

And Atlanta has its own share of real-life superheroes. According to, there are at least three registered Atlanta superheroes: Metadata; The Crimson Fist; and Dangerwoman.

While imaginary superheroes don't have to worry about legal implications of their actions, real-life superheroes do. This is something that Phoenix Jones can relate to, as he's facing criminal charges for the now infamous pepper-spray attack against Seattle-area clubbers.

Man in Wheelchair Fell in Lake Allatoona and Disappeared

While Lake Lanier has the reputation of being the deadliest body of water in Georgia, it seems that Lake Allatoona is trying to catch up.

Over the weekend, a man in a wheelchair fell in Lake Allatoona and disappeared, reports WSBTV.

Two DeKalb Men Hold Two Teenage Girls Against Their Will

The two DeKalb men that allegedly held two teenage girls against their will have been arrested, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The incident was uncovered by the police when a 17-year-old girl calling from the area of McAfee Road and Rosewood Road told them that she and another girl were being held against their will at a home.

In fact, the girl also told the police that she was allegedly being forced into prostitution by a pair of men in their forties, reports CBS Atlanta.

There Are Snakes In That Car!!!

Atlanta deputies pulling over a car on I-75 were warned by the driver that he had snakes in the car, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An Indiana man named Nicholas Angel Mesa was pulled over on a traffic stop. When the police approached him he informed that he had 10 snakes and three different lizard species in the car. To carry out a search of the vehicle, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had to be called.

Infamous Attack at a Cracker Barrel in Morrow Leads to Lawsuit

A woman that was attacked at a Cracker Barrel in Morrow filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and the man that hit her, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The woman, whose name is Tashawnea Yeasha Hill, and is from Clayton County, has asked for a jury trial. She is suing for the physical and emotional pain arising from the attack, reports the AJC.

Internet Dating Scam: Author Allegedly Swindles Millions on J-Date

In yet another internet dating scam, a fantasy fiction novelist, Mitchell Graham (Mitchell A. Gross), was accused by the authorities of scamming a woman from the popular Jewish dating website, J-Date, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Marietta author, Mitchell Graham, reportedly began a relationship with a woman on J-Date, around 2006. After communicating with the woman for some time, he allegedly managed to convince her that he was independently wealthy. As a result, she turned over $2.9 million to him. She was under the impression that he was going to invest the money on her behalf in a company that he had allegedly made up, reports the AJC.

Graham was arrested by IRS agents last week.

Car Hits Scooter and Drags it 300 Feet

The Atlanta police are searching for a car that hit a scooter and dragged it 300 feet, reports the Associated Press.

Although the description of the car or the driver hasn't yet been revealed, eye-witnesses said that they saw a car hit a scooter and drag it 300 feet with flames shooting out from the front of the car. What makes the accident even more frightening is that the driver of the scooter was only wearing a baseball helmet for protection, reports the Associated Press.

The eye-witness, Greg Giles, adds that the driver stopped to remove the scooter from under the grill and then drove off without trying to help the driver of the scooter.

Worker Injured at IKEA Wins $2 Million Verdict for Injuries

A worker injured at IKEA, won a $2 million verdict for injuries sustained in 2005, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The worker injured at IKEA, William Bradley Hall, had sued Vratsinas Construction Co., the general contractor, after he fell from a ladder.

Hall alleged that he had only used the ladder after Vratsinas told him not to use a scissor lift. Hall's fall resulted in numerous surgeries. He also accrued enormous medical bills and lost wages because of nerve damage. The verdict is probably good news for Hall as medical debt bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy these days.

The SUV Driver, Tekila Glass, who backed her vehicle into a 1-year-old Olivia Hellwig’s stroller, has been charged in the child’s death, reports CBS Atlanta.

The incident occurred when Olivia Hellwig’s mother, Brooke Hellwig, was pushing her in a stroller at Lenora Park, when Tekila Glass backed her 2005 Chrysler Pacifica into the stroller. According to police, Glass was reversing into a parking spot, when Brooke Hellwig came out from between two parked cars. After weeks of investigation, the police determined that Glass was primarily at fault, reports CBS.