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Worker Injured at IKEA Wins $2 Million Verdict for Injuries

A worker injured at IKEA, won a $2 million verdict for injuries sustained in 2005, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The worker injured at IKEA, William Bradley Hall, had sued Vratsinas Construction Co., the general contractor, after he fell from a ladder.

Hall alleged that he had only used the ladder after Vratsinas told him not to use a scissor lift. Hall's fall resulted in numerous surgeries. He also accrued enormous medical bills and lost wages because of nerve damage. The verdict is probably good news for Hall as medical debt bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy these days.

Normal worker injuries in the fields of construction are usually covered by worker's compensation. Worker's compensation claims are permitted by statue, and are often the only remedy for injuries arising during the course of employment.

However, the case of William Bradley Hall was different, as it did not fall under worker's compensation. And the reason for this is because Hall worked for another company, Consumer Security Systems, which did not have a direct line of command from Vratsinas Construction. So when he took an order from Vratsinas, he was not, technically speaking, in the course of employment. As Hall's lawyer explains: "Had Consumer Security Systems been a subcontractor of Vratsinas, Georgia law would not have allowed this suit to go forward."

Lesson learned from this case: you should always check the chain of command when filing a work-place injury claim - it could have a major effect on the damages you receive.

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