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Annoyed by Kim Kardashian? Do You Miss Privacy?

If you are annoyed by Kim Kardashian because of the way her reality shows (including her wedding) seem to take away from personal privacy, then you should become familiar with the various torts related to the right of privacy. Georgia privacy experts will obviously be aware the Peach State was the first state to create a tort for the invasion of privacy.

These civil laws, or torts, which occur when someone commits an invasion of your privacy, are discussed below.

1 - Intrusion of Solitude.

Intruding upon another's solitude or private affairs, physically or otherwise, creates liability if this intrusion would be considered highly offensive to a reasonable person. This type of invasion of privacy includes much of what commonly comes to mind when hearing the phrase: so-called "peeping Toms", someone illegally intercepting private phone calls, and snooping through someone's private records.

2 - Appropriation of Names or Likeness.

Plaintiffs may make a claim for damages if an individual (or company) uses their name or likeness for benefit without the other party's permission. Usually this involves a business using a celebrity's name or likeness in an advertisement.

3 - Public Disclosure of Private Facts.

Legal action may be taken if an individual publicly reveals truthful information that is not of public concern and which a reasonable person would find offensive if made public.

4 - False Light.

A false light claim is similar to a defamation claim in that it allows an individual to sue for the public disclosure of information that is misleading (or puts that person in a "false light"), but not technically false.

The more you know about these torts the more you further the Georgia privacy protections. And that might mean more privacy. Even if it won't mean less reality shows.

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