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Electric Cigarette Explodes From Faulty Battery

Some front teeth, a good part of a tongue, and a burnt face, are all a result of an electric cigarette exploding in Florida, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The victim, Tom Holloway, of Niceville, FL., (ironic name) was using the electric cigarettes to get off his cigarette addiction. The local fire department compared the accident to putting a bottle rocket in one’s mouth. The incident has caused the man to become a bit of an accidental celebrity, with a Facebook page created for him.

Although the brand of the e-cigarette, as they are sometimes called, is not yet known, the battery was rechargeable lithium. Some experts hold the position that the e-cigarettes are perfectly safe. Others believe that because the battery makes an electric charge when the device is inhaled, there may be risks there.

The discussion about e-cigarettes replacing cigarettes has been going on for quite some time, as discussed on FindLaw's Atlanta Injury News Blog. E-cigarettes are based on vapor technology. A user "vapes" or puffs on the vapor (a new age Sherlock Holmes) to take a pull of addictive nicotine; but there are none of the dangerous substances that are in regular cigarettes.

In the past, it was regular cigarettes that were hit with big injury lawsuits based on the health damages they created. Now, as e-cigarettes replacing cigarettes will we see e-cigarettes get sued based on explosions and such? If more electric cigarettes explode in user's mouths, as with Tom Holloway of Niceville, then it is quite likely.

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