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Freight Train Versus Truck Hauling Scrap Metal: Who Wins?

No one wins when a freight train strikes a truck hauling scrap metal, as was the case in Marietta, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In fact, three members of the freight train crew were injured and taken to a local hospital.

The accident occurred at the CSX Transportation crossing near Loudermilk Drive and Marble Mill Road. The truck was a Blaze Recycling truck that had gotten stuck on the crossing.

The cause for the sticking was that the landing gear on the Blaze Recycling Truck got "high-centered" on the road, reports the AJC.

The impact separated the cab of the truck from its trailer and damaged a railroad. The truck driver, unlike any movie scene counterparts, had run out of the truck when the accident occurred.

The three injured CSX Transportation crew members had neck and back pains and were taken to a hospital.

It is fortunate that in this case there were no severe injuries for the crew and that there were not any bystanders who were hurt.

However, since physical injuries occurred, and particularly if they turned out to be severe, it would have been necessary to involve a personal injury attorney. And that observation allows for a good chance to look at what it is personal injury attorneys do when accidents occur.

One of the most important things a personal injury attorney brings to the table, at the outset of the case, is the experience that comes from assessing claims.

When you are taking on a big company -- say a railroad or trucking company -- you will want to get an objective evaluation of your chances before you jump into the litigation. You need to know what your chances of success might be before involving yourself in a major case. Good advice is always helpful.

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