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Will Georgia Gun Bill Mean Concealed Weapons Everywhere?

Concealed weapons might be coming to bars, public schools, and even colleges and government buildings if a Georgia house bill becomes law, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Representative Sean Jerguson, a Republican from Woodstock, is one of the bill's co-sponsors. The bill would get rid of many of the restrictions that currently apply to concealed weapons in Georgia. A counter-bill that would require four hours of training for anyone who gets to carry a concealed weapon has not gotten much attention in the house.

The current Georgia gun bill is HB 981.

One of the places where concealed weapons could cause quite a stir would be college campuses.

Even an inadvertent gun-shot going off and hurting someone could lead to a big personal injury payment by the school through a negligence action against the college. In an area of law known as premises liability, some courts have found such entities as universities, motels, convenience stores, and shopping malls liable for attacks because they did not exercise reasonable care in preventing victims from being harmed.

Whether or not the incident was foreseeable plays a big role in a court’s evaluation — and it is fairly reasonable to think that a court would say, “if you let guns onto your campus then you could reasonably foresee that they would go off by accident.” It will be interesting to see what kinds of liability protection would be afforded by the new gun bill.

All in all, the efforts to legalize even more concealed weapons in Georgia may have to address the simple economic issues of lawsuit, liability and the financial results they carry. Otherwise, before long, legislatures like Representative Sean Jerguson will be back in session over the issue.

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