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'Big Rich Texas' Pamela Martin Duarte Defamation Suit Filed

There are a plethora of reality shows out there now and keeping track of them sometimes requires knowing a lot of geography, as many of them now have a regional basis. One of these reality shows is Big Rich Texas, a name that sort of hints at what kind of topics it will probably cover. The show airs on the Style Network.

It seems now that one of the participants of the show, Pamela Martin Duarte, is suing a pair of other socialites for defamation in Dallas County District Court, reports the Dallas Observer.

Pamela Duarte’s defamation allegations accuse Dena Miller and Bonnie Blossman Myer, a pair of Texas socialites, of being jealous of Pamela Martin Duarte’s successes as a reality show participant and to undermine and slander her. According to the complaint the slanderous items are as follows:

Miller and her cohorts Patterson and Blossman who are also jealous of Pam’s success have engaged in a cyber-bullying campaign to defame Pam by maliciously and falsely accusing Pam of, among other things, being: 1) a former stripper; 2) a drunk who pays her bills by servicing old men and stealing credit cards; 3) a sociopath; 4) a pathological liar; 5) a criminal; 6) a gold digger; and 7) a drunken barfly.

In the entire history of the world there has perhaps never been a more suitable candidate for teaching people about defamation law than reality show contestants. They contain in their cat-fights and gossip all the issues that go into making a defamation case.

For example, is the person alleging the defamation a private person or a public person? The standards the court will use to determine if there is defamation differ. Second, are the statements objectively false or are they a matter of opinion? Mere opinion does not usually make for defamation. Third, is there actual injury suffered from the alleged statements? There is so much to think about when it comes to a reality show defamation case that even Andy Cohen would almost envy the judge that has to handle the case.

And no doubt that judge is now thanking Pamela Martin, Dena Miller, and Bonnie Blossman Myer for his or her 15 minutes of fame.

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