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Fire Truck Crash Injures Decatur Man, Lawsuit May Follow

Firemen are supposed to save people, not send them to the hospital. On Saturday, a Decatur man ended up at Grady Memorial after a run-in with a DeKalb County fire rescue truck, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Stanley Orr was struck by a fire truck while driving in his minivan on Chapel Road. Both the minivan and the fire rescue truck were knocked onto their sides. Now, Orr may want to sue the fire department and DeKalb County for compensation.

The wreck occurred during a heavy rain storm, according to authorities. The truck's driver somehow lost control, causing the truck to crash into Orr's van.

"The fire truck and the van were both on their sides, which is quite an amazing sight to see a fire truck on its side like that," witness Jair Sweatman told Channel 2. "That would pretty much startle you."

Orr's aunt, Eloise Carter, said Orr likely has a broken leg along with some bruises and cuts. However, she wasn't certain of his injuries when she spoke to Channel 2.

Speed may have been a factor in the accident, but fire officials won't speculate about how fast the fire rescue truck may have been going at the time of the accident. "It will be thoroughly investigated and we will come up with a cause and find out what happened and why," Asst. Chief Steve Ham said.

Orr may want to bring a personal injury suit against the fire department and the county for his injuries. He'd probably argue that the truck's driver was negligent. Orr would have to show that the driver had a duty to drive safely while responding to the emergency call. By speeding during a heavy rain shower, the driver breached that duty and directly caused Orr's injury.

If successful, Stanley Orr would be able to collect injury damages for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Fire officials are currently investigating the causes of the crash.

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