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Soulja Boy Sued for Defamation Over YouTube Video

Soulja Boy has had a rough month. Last week, he was sued for allegedly using a beat without compensating the producer. Now he’s facing another lawsuit, his second in the past seven days, according to AllHipHop News. This time it’s for defamation of character.

Bobbiye Sullinger and Herman Flowers claim that the rapper crashed his Bentley into their Chevy Impala while Sullinger was pregnant. According to the suit, Soulja Boy then made a YouTube video accusing the two of lying about the incident and being racists.

On June 23, Soulja Boy allegedly crashed his Bentley into the couple’s Chevy Impala after drifting into oncoming traffic. The rapper initially denied that he was driving the car at the time, but later admitted to being behind the wheel of the Bentley.

Soulja Boy later turned to YouTube to vent his frustration and share his side of the story. In the video, Soulja Boy claims that Sullinger said that the rapper’s Bentley was probably stolen. He then blames Sullinger for the crash and accuses her of being a racist. Sullinger claims that the accusations of racism in the video have severely damaged her career and reputation.

In order to win a defamation suit, you usually must show that a false statement was made, that is was published, and that it caused injury to your reputation. Soulja Boy “published” the video by posting it on YouTube. Sullinger and Flowers, however, will have to show that the accusations of racism were false and that they harmed their reputations in some concrete way. That could be difficult, considering neither claimant is named in the YouTube video.

Sullinger and Flowers are already suing Soulja Boy for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress related to the injuries they sustained in the car accident.

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