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Covington Football Coach Allegedly Beats Child at Practice

For some reason 31-year-old Stephen Pierce thought it was OK to physically discipline a child who wasn't his. Pierce admitted to police that he picked up 7-year-old Jamarius Pitts and dropped him on his head after he reportedly caught Jamarius horsing around, according to CBS Atlanta News.

The bizarre incident landed Jamarius in the hospital and Pierce in jail. Now Pierce could be held liable for any injuries Jamarius sustained in the beating.

Pierce told police that he decided to discipline Jamarius because he heard the boy cursing and flipping people off. "That still don't give you a reason to put your hands on a 7-year-old," Jamarius' dad Taurus Baynes told CBS Atlanta.

According to Jamarius' brother, Tamarian Baynes, Pierce picked the boy up by the ankles and then dropped him on his head. Once Jamarius was on the ground, Pierce allegedly kicked him in the back of the head and punched him in the chest. Police questioned several kids who all shared the same story.

Valencia Pitts, Jamarius' mom, took the 7-year-old to the hospital after the incident. "He's also following up with the doctor and a chiropractor," Pitts told CBS Atlanta.

Pierce was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. As the investigation continues, he could face additional charges.

On top of the criminal charges, Jamarius' family could file a civil lawsuit against Pierce. While criminal charges are meant to punish those who break the law, civil suits allow victims to receive compensation for their injuries.

Jamarius has a good case against Pierce for civil battery. Battery is defined as harmful or offensive contact with another person's body without the person's consent. If the allegations are true, Pierce committed civil battery by manhandling and beating Jamarius.

A succesful personal injury suit would allow Jamarius' family to collect damages for any medical expenses, chiropractor bills, and pain and suffering that resulted from the incident. Pierce is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 5.

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