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Loganville Locker Room Beating Could Cost Assailants' Parents

Two 17-year-old students at Loganville High School were arrested after allegedly beating a fellow student in the school's locker room, Channel 2 Action News reports.

According to authorities, the beating appears to have been unprovoked and completely senseless. While a lawsuit against the minors won't fly, the victim's family could sue the assailants' parents for any medical expenses that resulted from the beat down.

Investigators say that the victim was chosen at random and beaten in the school's locker room. No gym teachers were around to break up the fight. The victim suffered cuts, bumps, and bruised ribs, according to authorities.

After school was out, the student reported the attack to administrators. Loganville police have secured arrest warrants for the two assailants.

"It's somewhat unusual to say the least," Police Chief Mike McHugh told Channel 2. "It's not typical you just have a random attack like that."

In general, minors can't be held civilly liable for their torts. However, the victim's family probably has a viable cause of action against the parents of the assailants.

Under Georgia's parental responsibility law, parents can be held liable for the willful or malicious acts of their minor children. An unwarranted beat down pretty clearly qualifies as both "willful" and "malicious."

Under the law, Georgia parents are liable for any medical expenses or property damage that results from their child's act. Liability is capped at $10,000, so the parents' pockets could take a big hit here.

According to a Walton County School District spokeswoman, the district is conducting an investigation into the attack. Authorities urge students who've been the victims of violence to speak up. "Let somebody know, because that kind of stuff can build up over time and it causes problems that no one may ever see until it's too late to intervene," McHugh said.

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