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10 Tips on Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Georgia

If you're a rookie at filing an insurance claim after a car accident, you might have no idea what you're doing.

As you head into unfamiliar territory, know that these waters are not uncharted. Many before you have filed insurance claims and there are processes in place for this type of thing.

Here are a few tips on filing an insurance claim, to make the whole process easier.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and Georgia's Statute of Limitations

Medical malpractice are two scary words for doctors and those in the medical profession. Doctors have to pay huge amounts just to procure proper malpractice insurance, due to the danger of being sued.

If sued, the costs could be astronomical -- not just for the legal defense, but also for the potential damages for making the plaintiff whole.

What is a medical malpractice lawsuit, and what does Georgia law say about it?

Atlanta Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas had just arrived at the scene of an accident on I-75 when tragedy struck.

While attempting to divert traffic away from the wreck, Thomas was hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. On Friday, 22-year-old Chasity Nicole Jones pleaded guilty to one count of vehicular manslaughter and one count of failure to obey the directions of an officer for the death of Jones.

Tragedy struck late Tuesday night when a house fire killed four children in Conyers, CBS Atlanta reports.

Reba Glass, the children's mother, was severely burned while trying to save her kids from the burning home. While police aren't entirely certain about the cause of the fire, they suspect the father of one of the children had something to do with it.

What goes up must come down. Henry Adams of DeKalb County knows that all too well.

Adams was spurred to action after 4-year-old Marquel Peters was killed on New Year's Eve 2010. A stray bullet hit the boy while he sat in a DeKalb church.

Now Adams is leading a grassroots push to stop celebratory gunfire in metro Atlanta, Channel 2 Action News reports.