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What is Georgia's Statute of Limitations in Car Accident Lawsuits?

For every lawsuit, there is a time limit for the lawsuit to be brought. That time limit is called the statute of limitations.

While you might think that a car accident lawsuit would have one specific statute of limitations, that might not be the case. Not every motor vehicle accident lawsuit is the same. The facts and circumstances differ and as a result, the statute of limitations could vary.

Tips for Successful Settlement Talks

Personal injury lawsuits don't always make it to court. Court costs and the costs of litigation can run high and many times, it's in the parties' best interests to settle as fast as they can. An overwhelming majority of cases settle out of court, as The New York Times has reported.

Settlement negotiations aren't easy. There are tricks to the trade.

Here are a few pointers in having successful settlement talks:

What to Do If Your Online Photo Is Misused

Can you sue if your photo is misused online? It's a question many people are asking these days, with the free availability of personal data online.

And with the MTV show "Catfish" showcasing stories of catfishing -- i.e., creating fake profiles and false identities for fraudulent purposes -- it's opening people's eyes to how easy it is to lift a photo off Facebook, or any other website for that matter.

What can you do, if your photo is lifted and used without your permission? Here are some potential courses of action:

Help, I'm Being Deposed! What to Do in a Deposition

So, you've received a subpoena to appear at a deposition. Perhaps you were involved in a lawsuit, or perhaps you were just a witness to an accident.

How do depositions work and what do you need to know if you are being deposed?

In Georgia, the statements made in a deposition could be used at trial, as if you were a witness at the trial. So basically, depositions are a very important stage of the lawsuit.

How to File an Insurance Claim After a Car Break-In

Being the victim of a car break-in can be daunting. There are many things to consider if your car has been broken into.

These include not only insurance related concerns and the lost items, but also safety concerns. For example, leaving mail or other items with your address in your car can lead would-be thieves to your home when your car is parked elsewhere (i.e., when you're not home).

So, a car break-in can involve not only your automobile insurance but also your homeowner's insurance.