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Why It's So Hard to Sue a Cruise Line

It's not that easy to sue a cruise line for a cruise gone wrong.

Just ask the 3,000 passengers who were recently on a disabled Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico. The Carnival Triumph had a fire onboard, causing a power outage that led to problems with sewage.

While there have been talks about a class action lawsuit, it's hard to say whether a lawsuit against a cruise company can be successful.

Hit-and-Run in Georgia: More Than Just Civil Liability

If you're in an accident, what happens if you flee the scene?

In Georgia, it's a crime. If you're involved in a hit-and-run, you could face charges of fleeing the scene of an accident.

What exactly does the law say about hit-and-runs?

A Guide to Nursing Home Patients' Rights in Georgia

This week, many are no doubt hearing about the case in California where a nurse refused to perform CPR on an 87-year-old woman who later died.

The woman was a resident at an independent living facility which was also attached to a nursing home. That difference was key in the woman's denial of care. Nursing homes have a higher standard of care than an apartment facility for the elderly.

The incident leads many to ask: What are a patient's rights in a nursing home?