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Snowed-In Atlantans Face Winter Injuries

Atlanta residents weren't walking in a winter wonderland this January as thousands of people were snowed in on the roads or in buildings after a winter storm.

Some people were stuck in their cars for as long as eight hours as accidents and slushy roads gridlocked traffic on the interstates, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Even many students and teachers were stuck overnight in schools due to the road conditions.

In a city that rarely sees a snowstorm of this magnitude, what can snowed-in Atlantans do to stay safe?

How to Sue Over a Fatal Traffic Accident

Lethal traffic and car accidents are tragic events. Recently, a fatal car accident in Clayton County left one person dead and three injured.

There are legal remedies available to family members of the deceased victims. This legal how-to will get you started on filing a lethal traffic accident lawsuit.