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Defamation (Libel / Slander) in Atlanta

Defamation at the most basic level involves harm to a person's reputation. Defamation can take one of two forms: libel or slander. Libel refers to defamatory statements that are written or published; slander refers to defamatory statements that are said out loud.

This area of law has evolved considerably given the kind of technological advances we’ve seen the past few years. Facebook disses, comment trolling, mean Tweets, and all the other questionable things people say about each other online, usually fall under these laws.

If you feel that another person has harmed your reputation because of statements that were written or said out loud, you may be able to recover in court. An Atlanta Personal Injury lawyer can help you understand if you have a personal injury case.

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What to Do If Your Online Photo Is Misused

Can you sue if your photo is misused online? It's a question many people are asking these days, with the free availability of personal data online.

And with the MTV show "Catfish" showcasing stories of catfishing -- i.e., creating fake profiles and false identities for fraudulent purposes -- it's opening people's eyes to how easy it is to lift a photo off Facebook, or any other website for that matter.

What can you do, if your photo is lifted and used without your permission? Here are some potential courses of action:

Soulja Boy has had a rough month. Last week, he was sued for allegedly using a beat without compensating the producer. Now he’s facing another lawsuit, his second in the past seven days, according to AllHipHop News. This time it’s for defamation of character.

Bobbiye Sullinger and Herman Flowers claim that the rapper crashed his Bentley into their Chevy Impala while Sullinger was pregnant. According to the suit, Soulja Boy then made a YouTube video accusing the two of lying about the incident and being racists.

In May, Steve Sneiderman, the brother of man who was murdered last year, filed a wrongful death suit against his sister-in-law, Andrea Sneiderman, claiming she helped orchestrate her husband’s murder. Now, Andrea Sneiderman has filed her own civil suits in connection with her husband’s murder, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

On Monday, Andrea filed a defamation suit against Steve for publicly stating that she helped kill her husband, Rusty Sneiderman. She also filed a wrongful death suit against Hemy Neuman, the man convicted of killing Rusty Sneiderman.

Student Alex Boston Sues Classmates For Fake Facebook Page

Schools aren't stepping up in cyberbullying cases. So recently, a student in Acworth, Georgia, took matters into her own hands.

Alex Boston, a fourteen-year-old, decided to sue two of her classmates for creating a Facebook page in her name, while school officials did nothing, reports ABC News.

'Big Rich Texas' Pamela Martin Duarte Defamation Suit Filed

There are a plethora of reality shows out there now and keeping track of them sometimes requires knowing a lot of geography, as many of them now have a regional basis. One of these reality shows is Big Rich Texas, a name that sort of hints at what kind of topics it will probably cover. The show airs on the Style Network.

It seems now that one of the participants of the show, Pamela Martin Duarte, is suing a pair of other socialites for defamation in Dallas County District Court, reports the Dallas Observer.

Keith Brooking Sued By Wells Fargo For Two Million

Former star linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, Keith Brooking, is being used by Wells Fargo for $2 million, even as Brooking's rep say that the allegation is not true, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Brooking's wife, Holly, is also being named by Wells Fargo.

In the Keith Brookings suit by Wells Fargo, the bank is arguing that Brookings shifted and transferred assets to try and avoid paying Wells Fargo. But as Brooking's representation Pat Dye Jr. said:

"There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support Wells Fargo's allegations that Keith transferred any properties to fraudulently conceal assets."

Prevent Stalking: January is National Stalking Awareness Month

January is National Stalking Awareness Month, at least according to organs of the United States government.

The Office on Violence Against Women joined with President Obama to announce National Stalking Awareness Month or NSAM, reports the United States Department of Justice. Since most people have no direct experience with stalking, it is described for us by the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics as, "a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear for his or her safety or the safety of someone close such as a family member."

Annoyed by Kim Kardashian? Do You Miss Privacy?

If you are annoyed by Kim Kardashian because of the way her reality shows (including her wedding) seem to take away from personal privacy, then you should become familiar with the various torts related to the right of privacy. Georgia privacy experts will obviously be aware the Peach State was the first state to create a tort for the invasion of privacy.

These civil laws, or torts, which occur when someone commits an invasion of your privacy, are discussed below.

"I want to run for sheriff in Georgia." Are you thinking something like that? Or maybe you're just thinking: "I want to reform the local police."

Always be careful when you try to reform the police -- Ethan Hawke in Training Day could have told you that -- or if you are going to get involved in a defamation lawsuit arising from it.

Because one Georgia case about alleged defamation that took place during a sheriff's election has been going on for eleven years, reported the Georgia Daily News, and will continue to go on for the foreseeable future.

Jerry Seinfeld Dodges Defamation Lawsuit

An author who was insulted that comedian Jerry Seinfeld called her a “nutjob” and a “wacko” on The Late Show with David Letterman decided that she would get her due by filing a defamation lawsuit against the former television star. However, it looks like the writer Missy Chase Lapine isn’t walking away from this case with the judgement that she had hoped for.

According to CNN News, a New York judge dismissed the slander lawsuit against Seinfeld last week. Judge Marcy Friedman found that Seinfeld’s comments on The Late Show were not defamatory as a matter of the law, as the comments made were an opinion and thus not considered slander.