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Slip and Fall / Premises Liability in Atlanta

Slip and Fall refers to an injury accident where a person slips or trips and then falls, typically on another person's property. Slip and fall cases are usually considered "premises liability" claims. Premises liability claims can be tricky because a person making a claim must consider both the kind of duty the owner of the property owed the injured person, and the circumstances surrounding the injury.

Since there is no exact formula in order to decide whether someone else was at fault for your slip or trip and fall injury, it may be best to speak to an Atlanta Personal Injury lawyer to determine whether you have a claim.

Recently in Slip and Fall / Premises Liability Category

City officials have vowed to spend millions of dollars to fix Atlanta's ragged, unrepaired sidewalks, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Atlanta residents have long voiced their concern about the sorry state of the city's sidewalks. The crumbling sidewalks have led to countless "slip and fall" lawsuits that have cost the city millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements.

Wednesday is the first day of summer, but temperatures have already started to skyrocket in the state. Georgia's lakes and rivers offer a great, free way to cool off in the hot summer months.

However, the murky, deep water can make swimming in a lake or river dangerous at times. Below, we've included a few tips to help you stay safe while cooling off in Georgia's lakes and rivers.

On Wednesday, the city of Atlanta agreed to pay a $3 million settlement to a blind man who was injured when he tripped on a broken sidewalk, Fox News reports.

Alex Jenkins’s slip and fall suit alleged that the city’s Department of Public Works was negligent in failing to repair the sidewalk. Jenkins had reportedly been complaining to the city about the sidewalk for years.

Will Georgia Gun Bill Mean Concealed Weapons Everywhere?

Concealed weapons might be coming to bars, public schools, and even colleges and government buildings if a Georgia house bill becomes law, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Representative Sean Jerguson, a Republican from Woodstock, is one of the bill's co-sponsors. The bill would get rid of many of the restrictions that currently apply to concealed weapons in Georgia. A counter-bill that would require four hours of training for anyone who gets to carry a concealed weapon has not gotten much attention in the house.

The current Georgia gun bill is HB 981.

Do Georgia Tech Students Want Guns?

A group of Georgia Tech students want guns on campus, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Partly disturbed by some of the criminal activity at and around the campus and partly because of their politics, certain "pro-carry" movement groups at Georgia Tech, such as Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, are seeking to "even out the arms race between students and criminals" reports the AJC.

Huffing Dust Cleaner Kills Forsyth Teen

At his friend's house near Lake Lanier, a 15-year-old smoked pot, drank bourbon, took prescription meds, and huffed dust cleaner before he died, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The death, which occurred in the home of Robert Lancaster and Laura Lancaster, led to an investigation into the condition of the house, which was found to be deplorable and decrepit. There were dead animals, feces, and bugs everywhere. As a result, Robert Lancaster and Laura Lancaster were charged with cruelty to children.

Chinese Food Delivery Man Shot in Atlanta

A man named Allen Crockett was shot in the arm and leg by a gunman, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The crime against Mr. Crockett occurred during the course of his employment. The chinese food delivery man was shot in southwest Atlanta, reports Channel 2 Action News. He is 58-years-old.

Worker Injured at IKEA Wins $2 Million Verdict for Injuries

A worker injured at IKEA, won a $2 million verdict for injuries sustained in 2005, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The worker injured at IKEA, William Bradley Hall, had sued Vratsinas Construction Co., the general contractor, after he fell from a ladder.

Hall alleged that he had only used the ladder after Vratsinas told him not to use a scissor lift. Hall's fall resulted in numerous surgeries. He also accrued enormous medical bills and lost wages because of nerve damage. The verdict is probably good news for Hall as medical debt bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy these days.

Chimney House Court Deck Collapses in DeKalb County

A quiet evening slid into dangerous grounds at a family gathering on Chimney House Court, reports WSBTV, in a story that will scare those who like porches and decks.

During late Sunday afternoon in DeKalb County, a number of people had gathered at a house deck for a family gathering when the deck apparently collapsed under their weight.

The Fire Department responding to the DeKalb County deck collapse investigated and found that the deck fell inwards so the people standing on it slid down and landed against the house, reports WSBTV. The odd deck collapse prevented more severe injuries like the sort a straight down fall might have inflicted. Its unclear if other people witnessed the fall from their patios and decks.

Atlanta Tenant Injured by Collapsed Walkway

It probably didn't feel like a disappearing bridge in an Indiana Jones movie, but it had a similar effect.

An Atlanta man named Kareem Redd was taking a stroll outside the Crystal Point Apartments when a concrete slab under him fell and caused his leg to get trapped, reports WSBTV.

"He fell, boom. I could see him tumbling down as I came out the door," his roommate Cory Broome told WSBTV Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri.

To add insult to injury, neighbors took cell phone videos of Redd's foot pinned inside the hole of the collapsed walkway.

However, those videos might be useful in the event that Kareem Redd decides to file a lawsuit against his landlord.